“Can I Get Pregnant Naturally At 40 and Above?”

Tamale Woman Shocked Doctors As She Finally Became Pregnant and Give Birth At The Age Of 51.

After going through Menopause and being told that she will never conceive again.

Read How She Did it:

My beloved sister,

I know the pain and disappointments you are feeling right now.

I know how hard it can be seeing other women getting pregnant and having babies…

 …but you can’t.

I know the embarrassments, sleepless nights, and depression…

This Infertility and barrenness have cost you.

…And the fear that you may never be a Mother again due to Menopause.

Listen, my darling…

You are not alone.

Just like you…

I have always wanted to be a mother…

I have always dreamed of getting pregnant and giving birth to a bouncing baby boy and girl.  

…To carry them in my arms, nurse them, and watch them grow.

But Life Had Other Plans For Me. 

5 years into my marriage… 

Children didn’t come. 

And then, another 5 years…


There was no sign of any child at all.

As I got closer to 50…

I became so afraid and worried that I may never get pregnant again.

I tried everything I could to get pregnant. 

I took herbal supplements, went to different hospitals and churches…

And even tried some strange remedies I found online. 

But nothing worked.

The painful part was…

Seeing my friends and sisters getting pregnant and having babies…

And yet…

I had no single child of my own.

I felt empty-handed and rejected by God.

I felt like I was cursed with barrenness.

“Why me, oh Lord!?

“Why is my case different? 😭

I was Gradually becoming an old woman.

And still…

No children. 

The doctors told me it was too late.

…That I won’t be able to have children again due to menopause.

I was completely depressed because…

I can’t imagine my life without having children. 

The Strange Online Video That Changed My Life.

One day, while browsing the internet…

I came across a Video.

It was about a Natural Fertility Supplement…

Designed for women above 40 who have tried everything to get pregnant without results.

They call it…

Wombspring Fertility Capsules  (AKA The EvaFertile)

And let me tell you…

I was really scared of buying the product at first…

Due to the disappointments I have had with all these online products.

But I was desperate…

“What do I have to lose anyway?”

So I quickly ordered the supplement and started taking it at once.

And Let Me Be Honest With You…

This supplement doesn’t work overnight.

I waited for 35 days to see any change in my body.

But there was nothing. 

Absolutely nothing!

I almost lost hope again.

Then, one morning, I woke up with a strange feeling in my stomach. 

I rushed to the pharmcy and bought a pregnancy test. 

And behold…

It Was Positive!

As I hold the test in my hands…

Tears were coming down from my face…

My husband was overjoyed by the news and hugged me so tight.

We couldn’t believe it.

And that’s not all…

I also had a safe and healthy pregnancy.

On Wednesday, 29th of November 2022.

Our Bundle of Joy finally arrived.

As I held her in my arms…

My heart was overflowing with joy.

When the whole world mocked me and called me barren…

The Wombspring Fertility Package proved them all wrong.

The Joy Of Motherhood Is Priceless.

That is not even all…

The sweetest part about EvaFertile is…

I wasn’t the only one…

Wombspring Fertility Capsules Has Helped Over 539 Ghanaians Get Pregnant.


“It’s Positive!”


“It Worked Like Magic”


“Just Gave Birth To A Baby Girl”!

So If you are still struggling to get pregnant….

And you have tried everything without results.

Or doctors told you can’t be pregnant due to old age or menopause.

Don’t give up, my Sister.

If God can do it for me…

It can also do the same for you.

I really encourage you to use this supplement.

And if you really want to get The Best and Fast results like I did…

Order the Couples Pack or 3 Bottles.

It worked wonders for me.


The MOST Effective, All-Natural Fertility Treatment. 

EvaFertile is not your regular fertility product…

It’s a blend of PURE Natural Nutrients clinically designed to help you become a mother.

No matter your age or what you’ve tried before…

It Can Help You:

Imagine The Joy Of Finally Carrying Your Baby In Your Arms. 


“It’s A Miracle!

If you’re above 40 and struggling to have a baby, try this product. 

It worked magic for me. 

I took it for about 4-5 months and got pregnant in September 2022.

I just recently gave birth to my rainbow baby in June 2023❤️

(All this happened after trying for 15 years and using other supplements that didn’t work)”

-Mrs. Juliet. Accra, GH.


“It Takes Time, But It Works.

I’m happily 13 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby.

It takes a lot of time to see the results, I used the 6 bottles twice (yes, 12 bottles in total)

But it is definitely worth the time and money.

I can’t wait to meet my baby soon ❤️❤️”

Mrs. Abina. Obuasi, GH.


Finally A Mom at 40!

My baby is here, happy and healthy!

He is now eight months and my family and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you to the makers of this Fertility remedy, I’m so overwhelmed with joy🧡❤️!

To every TTC Mom reading this…

Remember to trust God and don’t give up, you will surely testify 🙏”

-Mrs Amma. Ashanti, GH.

Why Should You Buy This Product Today?

Unlike other solutions you have tried before…

This is the ONLY Product that delays Menopause and increases Fertility In women…

It doesn’t matter your age or what you have tried before.

It will naturally restore your Ovaries and improve your egg quality.

…Helping you to get pregnant Naturally.

Without any dangerous side effects.

100% Safe. No Side Effects.

Are You Sure It Will Work For Me?

This supplement is specially designed for women like you…

Who has lost hope of becoming a mom.

And just like 539 Ghananian women who have testified about this product.

We are so confident that it will work for you, too.

But if after 90 days of using this Remedy…

And you didn’t notice any significant results.

You’ll get ALL your money back.

Join Over 539+ Happy Moms Who Are Saying:


“It restored my cycles.

I’ve not seen my period for the past 4 years now 😭

4 good years, No period. No ovulation.

But since I started taking this EvaFertile, my cycle is now regular and I can ovulate again.

Plus, my last scan showed I had zero cysts and my hormones are also good.

I can’t wait to be pregnant soon, thank you.”

-Mrs. Juliana Kofi. Tema, GH.


“We Are Pregnant!”

I didn’t even take it up to 3 months and pregnancy showed up 😍💃

My husband took the male version and it definitely worked for us.

No bitter taste, no side effects or anything. It tastes really good.

Stop taking it once you conceive .”

-Mrs. Awusi. Cape Town. 


“EveFertile Is Heaven Sent”

As a 48-year-old lady who has tried every fertility solution under the sun…

I never believed I would ever be pregnant, let alone give birth to a boy. 

Many doctors told us it was impossible, and even my pastor advised us to adopt a child. 

But it was the hands of God 🙏

God wiped away my tears of 13 years of barrenness using this Fertility remedy.

Didn’t lose hope, sisters. Your own blessing is on the way 💯

-Kate Kojo. Accra, GH.

How Do I Use It?

Simply take 2 Capsules daily (one in the morning and another at night).

How Long Will It Take To See The Results?

We recommend using it for at least 60-90 days to get the BEST RESULT. 

Order The Couples Pack Or 3 Bottles & Get A FREE GIFT!

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Why So Expensive?

This product is made with carefully selected Natural ingredients which are very rare.

…and it costs a lot of money to get them from India.

But the good news is…

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And you didn’t see any results at all…

Kindly return the product, and you will get all your money back–no questions asked.

So go ahead and order now.


“Blessed with A Sweet Baby Girl”

I’ve lost hope of having children after so many failures due to hormonal imbalance.

It was my husband that forced me to take it, and I’m so glad I did.

It happened like a film… But today, I’m blessed with a sweet baby girl.

And each time I looked back at what I went through just to be called a mother, I would just cry.

This product is a real miracle worker, I would recommend it anytime  ❤️🙏

–Mrs. Felicia. Kumasi.


“We’re Officially Daddy And Mummy.”

I started taking these early in March 2023 after 2 unsuccessful IVF and IUI.

I was so scared and desperate bcus I was very close to menopause.

My hubby is also getting old (he’s 61 and I’m 46).

We bought the 6 bottles and took it as instructed (my hubby used the male version)

And within 6 months, we got our positive pregnancy test.

I’m typing this now, I’m cuddling our little baby girl (Somadina)

Thank you EverFertile ❤️🙏

-Mrs. Cindy, Kinsley. Tema.

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